Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"this is fact not fiction"

so i decided to take a break from studying and share some more wedding pictures. i just finished making our album so i'm a little attached to the pictures right now. i'll make it through my favorites soon so you won't have to look at them anymore ;-)

but if you're anything like me you love wedding pictures

yep this is a candid, i was probably wiping some rain off spence's face, aren't we so cute!

ps...i've decided to go back to my favorite ways to title posts, points to who can figure out the trend


  1. Is the pattern that it makes a sentence, like- I'm fairly certain, this is fact not fiction. like that?? yeah?! (: haha!

  2. That last picture is incredible. I also love that you are posting them slowly. Smart woman.

  3. I really love this last picture you posted. It is incredible. All of your wedding pictures are great, and so you. Your also very wise for posting them bit by bit. Love it.


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