Tuesday, September 14, 2010

lazy day

so one of my faults is always doing too much which along with that comes stress.

this semester wasn't any different. i attempted to take way too many credits, work, and adjust to married life all in one semester. after long days of not finishing homework, coming home and just crying from stress, sleepless nights and early mornings my body gave out....i finally broke down and got sick.

i figured it was about time.

well i decided to be smart and lighten my load a bit. i only dropped one class but i feel so much better (mentally...physically i'm still pretty sick).

so while i lay on the couch at home, curled up in a blanket watching north and south, i figured i'd start blogging the wedding....

you see we have a ton of pictures, i won't post them all but i figure i'll post a few favorites at a time. that way i can enjoy them a little at a time too!

my cute dad followed us around carrying this umbrella (which was taken from the temple waiting room, which we didn't know, so we figured it was dads....nope, we took someone else's umbrella home...whoops)

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