Monday, September 13, 2010

oh monday

waking up early has not been good to me....

lack of sleep, homework not finished, pages behind in reading....not a fun monday morning.

so i decided to dress up, so at least if i didn't feel so great about the life going on around me i'd look cute.

for some reason when i feel cute i feel better....

yep i took a self picture so i could show off....i actually wore a dress to campus and i loved every minute of it.

after a long day on campus i'm
  • one class less stressed (too bad it had to be the class i was most excited about)
  • one fridge full (grocery shopping every week is beginning to get to me)
  • one bed made
  • one meal in the process
  • and one fhe away from finishing a little better than i started.
hopefully i'll adjust to waking up early....but for now at least i have my cute dresses to keep me going!

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  1. Oh Sydney! I finally found your blog! Yea!
    Way to go with the dress up and look great trick of having a nice day, isn't that the truth! Ans only in my dreams can I look as cute as you, you're such a doll!
    I didn't get to tell you how completely beautiful your harp music was at Brian's wedding, Chris & I loved it! and now I know another of your wonderful talents. Thanks for sharing them, it was wonderful.
    Hope this week gets better and better!


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