Sunday, September 5, 2010

our little nest

so these are mostly for my mom and lo...but i also am very proud of our little new nest and wanted to show it off.

after a month of living there off and on (thanks to vacations and other such activities) we finally got everything moved in and organized, well mostly. our second room still needs some help as well as a few things for the walls but other than that we are all set.

finding our place was an answer to prayers. we had looked at so many places that were just awful. a few places that spence said he wouldn't let me be there alone. yeah that bad. provo doesn't do much for married people.

anyways we went on a walk one day and passed our place. we called but never did anything more. after more searching i came across the place again and had spence go look at it. he loved it and took me to see it the next day. i loved it and we signed.

a month in i got cold feet. i didn't know if that was where i wanted to live. spence calmed me down and we decided to stay. after a lot of hickups we were able to move in....and guess what. i love love love it.

it was just remolded (like last month) and the owner went all out. they are even redoing the outside right now. it's two bedrooms which is perfect and also close to campus. truly the perfect place.

let me show you around.

this is in the second room...spence's piano (plus all our gifts we can't return and an extra tv, yes we have an extra)

this is our new book self and spence's desk (i set it up all by myself!), also in the second room

this is my side of the second room...see all my stuff! we also have two huge closets in there which is so nice.

our cute kitchen plus our great table (thanks barfuss fam). i love our kitchen and will sometimes just look at it

another shot of the kitchen, check our my green kitchen aid....i'm in love with it and yes i've used it

so one side of our family room. as you can see our wall needs some help. i'm calling a taipan run soon. thanks to lo and meh for the great pictures though, we love them!

the other side of the family room. we love just sitting in here and really feel like this is our home.

my entertainment center. i love love love this so much. thanks to spence and his dad for getting it up our 2 flights of stairs. (so it may look white in this picture but actually it's this really cute light green color!)

our bedroom. so the room needs some work, more things on the walls which i'm in the process of making but if you can't tell the rooms are HUGE. we both have so much stuff and this room fits it all. two big closets = one happy wife!

so i know it's random to show a picture of the bathroom but check out the sweet tile work and the great bathroom stuff holder. my cute husband spent forever putting it together because his little wife has to have 2 different kinds of shampoo.

our picture wall! i love pictures and frames so this is a start of our picture wall. the most impressive thing....all of these were hung with 3m hooks by my handyman husband. yep, we aren't allowed to put any holes in the walls....which actually hasn't turned out to be too bad.

another view of the bedroom. when we have blue sheets on the bed it's more exciting but the white ones are our favorites because they are so incredibly soft (thanks mamma barfuss!)

we love our place so much

come over and we'll play one of the many games we have and i'll make dinner!


  1. Syd, your place looks so cute and nice!! Isn't it so much fun to have your own little "home" with your husband and be able to set everything up and decorate it?? I loved it! Hope you're loving married life :)

  2. So cute you have change your livingroom i love it like that. thats such a cute set up.
    AH your place looks sooooooo cute. I will see you tomorrow:)

  3. So so cute!!! Can we come over for dinner?? We'll bring dessert! So fun, I love it!

  4. Your place is so darling! I love it. Your apron is so cute too :) So fun!

  5. LOVE IT! oh this post makes me soo happy. Thank you for dedicating this post to me as I have really been looking forward to it. Let me start with my favorites... the green mixer. love. Could it be any cuter? I submit that it cannot. And your entertainment center. Adorable color! You really have such a nice place and I promise I WILL come see it in person. You did a fantastic job. What a cute wife you are. love you chummy chum

  6. Such a great place! How fun to have your own fun place to decorate and make your own :)


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