Thursday, September 30, 2010

"whenever i wake up"

i love to read the new york times each morning. i usually read it in the kennedy center on comfy couches while cnn is on the tv...i feel so up-to-date.

a typical news paper reading day...
1. i read every article on the front page
2. skim the international section, read articles on israel and middle east
3. skim national section, read a few articles
4. look at the pictures in the arts section (usually fun pictures from some fashion show!)
5. put the paper back! (thank you kennedy center for free nytimes!)

well today i grabbed the paper....
1. i read every article on the front page
2. thought to myself, "wow these articles are kinda lame, maybe nothing really exciting happened in the world yesterday"
3. dedicded the front page wasn't exciting enough...skipped to later on...
4. couldn't find the international section....
5. realized that i was reading the business day section

apparently my nytimes didn't have the first section.
i assume that something exciting happened in the world, but alas i had to go to class and couldn't find out.

now i'm sure that i skip the business section for a reason!

ps. mom i read the paper, the real paper not just the internet version, you proud of your little girl!

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