Saturday, October 2, 2010

more of the mr. and mrs.

we finally got our wedding album. when we decided on our amazing photographer i opted out of a wedding album. the reasons: it saved me about $2,000 and i wanted to get the cd imagines of my pictures instead. i decided all my pictures was better than only a few in a book....

so i made our wedding album myself. and it was a blast making it. plus i got to include all the pictures i wanted, i wasn't limited to the 75 or so pictures that the original album fits. instead we have a beautiful leather bound wedding album with almost 300 pictures.

spencer: when are we going to ever want to look through that many pictures...
me: i will, all the time, and our kids will....

i've looked through it everyday since we've gotten in! my family likes it too!

anyways my advice, save your self some money and make a wedding album yourself (super easy and just perfect)

and now for some more pictures!

this picture is from a fun candid sequence of me showing off my dress to spence! yeah we had fun!

we went from being wet and cold to sweating at the reception. it was kinda fun to have both umbrella pictures and hot sun pictures!

more to come...but don't worry i'm almost done!

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