Saturday, October 2, 2010

mrs. crafty

so i love window shopping for things for my house. a lot of times i see something i love and i think to myself....i can make that! sometimes it works....sometimes i flop. but either way i love crafting! here are some things i've done these past few weeks....

mom helped me make these two beauties, i love love love these and they are now on either side of our bed!

these are hanging in my kitchen and fit in the perfect spot. thanks spence for taking the time to hang everything up for me ;-)

the colors are a little brighter, dang flash on the camera.

this is a wall hanging i made for my sister in law for her new baby! i used an old ramona the pest book for the background and used glitter mod podge (i am in love with glitter mod podge now)
i was sad i had to give it away, but it will look so much cuter in a baby girls room!

you want to craft? call me, i love craft days!


  1. You are so talented! I have no doubt your apartment is anything but cute.

  2. So cute, you will have to come and help me!! I am so challenged in that department!! <3


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