Thursday, October 21, 2010

mrs. and her popcorn fedish


so i'm in the middle of midterm #2 but i decided to take a quick break and blog....because blogging keeps my mind straight.

so did you know that i love popcorn. not just normal love but seriously love love love popcorn.
i crave popcorn all the time. 
this may explain why i have 6 boxes of popcorn in my cupboard right now (no lie)

i love day old popcorn (most think this is gross)
i have popcorn to watch tv
to study
to watch movies
for a snack
and today for lunch.

i have names for the different shapes that popcorn usually comes out...and i have my favorites. i think i'm a little obsessed with popcorn

at least its not chocolate right?

so as i sit here working on my midterm i have my cute blue bowl full of popcorn next to me, because yes i woke up today craving popcorn. it happens.

side note: have i told the blogging world how awesome my husband is. everyday spence amazes me with his awesomeness (yes reference to chuck for you babe). i am seriously the luckiest mrs. in the world. babe i'm proud of you! you are my mr. awesome!


  1. Tom and I are crazy about popcorn as well--our favorite is cooked on the stove with olive oil. mmmmmm.

  2. day old popcorn? haha silly girl. I do like popcorn, but the fresher the better thanks! :)


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