Friday, October 22, 2010

mrs. and her skirt

yes, its a blurry picture of me...let me explain. this picture is for my mom, so she can see what i looked liked today. but its blurry because first, taking self portraits is hard and second, i'm making a weird face in this picture so i felt like i should blur it out. 

anyways the story....

today is the last day of the dreaded two week midterm weeks (yes i'm excited it's over)
but this morning i wasn't so excited thinking about early class and all i had left on my test.
so to make my day better i wore a skirt, because skirts make me smile.

three times today i got stopped, each time by some random person. they all liked my outfit and the last person told me how beautiful i looked. 

who does that? just stop a random person and tell them they are beautiful. 

who ever you were....thank you, you made my day. i want to be like you one day and be able to stop a random person to tell them how beautiful they are.

so random nice people....thank you, you made my awful test day so much better!

on another note:

two of my dear friends posted about me on their blogs today, how fun is that.

first ms. kae is super creative and made this really fun vintage poster (like mine but so much cooler). i need her to give me advice....not the other way around

second on my google reader i see my husbands name yeah a random surprise...
ms. michelle who i was so happy ended up in our married ward with her cute hubby blogged about the barfuss family today....well kinda it more like blogging about the cool passes we have...
anyways more on her later 

(we went on a fun double last week and took pictures but my mr. stole the camera from his mrs. so i haven't been able to upload them yet....)

okay enough from me today.

now that tests are over its off to zumba (anybody have a golds pass and want to be my gym buddy?) then date night with the mr. 
man i love the weekend
enjoy your friday night


  1. Anytime someone randomly says something nice to me, I am reminded how much I like hearing those compliments, and how I need to say that to others. Congrats on being done with midterms!

  2. I swear on my life if you decide to like someone better than me other than spencer I will die. so stop being friends with other people. ASAP.


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