Monday, October 25, 2010

mr. and football, mrs. and her crafts

saturday at the barfuss household was a great day.

we woke up (after sleeping in), ate a good breakfast, and took a nap (yep about an hour or so after we woke up....because we could)

spence wanted to watch the byu football game
i wanted to watch the utah football game (but thats besides the point)

so we decided on a relaxing day in. spence watched football and i crafted.
i love crafting and after a hard week it was the perfect thing to get me all relaxed.
and of course the mr. relaxes with football (which i will never understand, it gets me too anxious)

well what did i make?

a necklace holder. thanks to my great mom, mother-in-law and husband my dream came to reality. i have a bunch of necklaces but i never wear them because they were piled in an old plastic bead container. see this....
so i got the cutest knobs (thanks julie!)
and a simple wood board
some black paint
some mod podge
and the cutest scrapbook paper

and lookie here....this is how it turned out!
it's perfect on my wall. now all my necklaces are hanging for easy access....hopefully this means i'll wear them more.

what do you think of my necklace holder? i'm kinda in love with it!
now i can't wait for christmas time because i have the perfect idea for another craft using cute knobs!

thanks mr. for wanting a football day and letting me craft next to you! love you


  1. I love it!!! Where did you find all the cute knobs? This is a project I just might have to do.

  2. Umm...So I really want to do this with my necklaces. Want to help me?? :)

  3. That is just about the best idea I've ever heard of. SO CUTE! Will you make one for me?


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