Tuesday, October 26, 2010

mrs. and her memories

i walk into the kennedy center to get my nytimes and saw a poster saying mr. hayat was speaking at byu today...

mr. hayat is the program director at the jerusalem center. seeing his name brought back a flood of beautiful memories. 

before i met my mr. i had another love of my life....

april-august 2009 i was able to live in jerusalem, if you didn't already know check out my older posts....i posted my experiences.

anyways. thinking about jerusalem made me smile, here is why

april 2009 i left for jerusalem
i was a little broken, slightly lost, and very confused.
four months in the holy land
i returned no longer broken, knowing the direction of my life, and happier than ever. 

jerusalem will always have a place in my heart.
i met some of my best friends there. like jbod and so many others

sometimes (a lot of times) i wish i could live in jerusalem for the rest of my life.
i would be more than happy living the rest of my days in jerusalem, raising my family in jerusalem.
yep thats how much i love jerusalem.

sadly i know  that living in jerusalem isn't a reality but...
one day (in a long long time) when the mr. and i have a little more money than we have now we'll take our family to jerusalem

then i can show spence my first love
and we can share in the love of the holy land together.

so today i am left with my memories and some pictures. which bring me nothing but smiles.

 yep its official....i want to go back to my "home"

what are you remembering today???

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