Friday, October 29, 2010

the mr. and mrs. made it to 3

the mr. and i have officially been married 3 months today.
its only been three months but it feels like forever (in the good kind of way)
i can't imagine not being married to the love of my life.
people told me adjusting to marriage would be hard....and some parts are (like who makes the bed, and how often we clean...hee hee)
but what surprised me...

was how natural being married really was. 

being with spence all the time, being his wife, and being of the most natural transitions of my life. i guess that means it is right!

so we may not be as wise as my parents who after 26 years of marriage are still completely in love and are each others best friends....but i think after 3 months i know a little more about life and love.

most importantly i know that i married the perfect man for me. he truly is my best friend and the love of my life. i look at him and go crazy inside with excitement that he is my mr. spence is the most kind and loving person i've met. i am so luck to be his wife for the rest of eternity.

how grateful i am for a temple marriage and all the blessings that it brings into our little home. 

so because it's been 3 months, here are 3 things about being married that is better than being single.

1. a year ago nowish we would sit outside on my doorstep, cuddled in blankets and coats. why? because we couldn't be in our apartments anymore but we didn't want to say goodbye. so we would sit outside in the freezing cold for hours just talking and laughing. i hated saying goodbye to that boy.
-now....i get to cuddle up next to my boy in the warm house under our covers and say goodnight, not goodbye, and then i get to wake up with him right next to me. and every morning we have our snuggle time, this is my most favorite time of the day. reason one why being married is better....we don't have to say goodbye.
2. reason two is simple....there is always someone on my side cheering me on. i guess spence did this before we were married but now it's even  better. he knows what i'm thinking and when i'm stressed and he knows just how to cheer me up. he gets excited when something good happens, sometime even more than i do. if you know my mr. you know how incredibly smart he is (he took a test an insanely hard test last week with only studying for 15 minutes....and he did great!) yep thats my mr. but me on the other hand....well lets just say i'm doing great in classes now (he could probably do better) but he gets so excited for me and tells me how smart i am. it may sound silly but his support means the world to me. always having the supporting and encouragement is  a great perk of being married.

3. reason 3. being married means i get to be a house wife. i've always been excited about this. being single i tried to be all house wifey (decorating my apartment, baking sometimes) but now that i have someone to bake for, cook for, craft for....its so much better. i get so excited to make something new for our house to show spence. and he's so cute and gets excited. sorry babe, my crafting habit is expensive...but it keeps me sane! but no matter what he loves it all, everything i make he loves, he even told me how great he has been eating (what a great thing to hear). so being married means i get to be a cute little wife for my cute husband.

i am so happy that my mr. married me. i'm happy he put up with me and all my second guessing (hey babe i'm not the only one who freaks out before they get married ;-)

but i know that i made the right choice and there is nothing i want more than to be with my mr. forever and ever. he is my everything. he makes me smile....all the time! 

so happy 3 months babe. it's been the best 3 months of my life! i can't wait to see what the future brings us. lets go celebrate tonight...okay deal! 

love you my mr.


  1. When I first read your title I thought it said "Mr. and Mrs. make 3"...and I got really excited for you :) hahaha But congrats anyway! You guys are great.

  2. Reading this post made me remember that same feeling we had when we were first married! You two are wonderful and so cute together.

  3. First time commenter here....Just thought I would let you know that reading your blog makes me very happy for some reason. It gets me all sentimental. You two are great. We need to rematch you guys in settlers or ticket to ride or something.


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