Sunday, October 31, 2010

mr. and mrs. and a halloween weekend

to start the halloween weekend the mr. and i went to our ward halloween party.

we knew it was a dress up is optional thing but after talking to some friends of ours we decided no one would dress up....

we were wrong. us and our friends were the only four not dressed up at the party, we felt sheepish. it was still fun looking at all the other fun costumes, we got some great ideas for next year.
after the party spence took me to cornbellys, this fun fall festival thing that i've been bugging him to go to all month. here are some pictures....

yep thats straw in my mouth, spence suggested it. spence got really good at the whole roping thing....i was impressed!
spence was so excited to take my picture on this great huge horse. and of course i loved every minute of it. it was in the pumpkin princess favorite place!
i kept telling spence about the "big chair" that i see everybody has pictures of. well after years of waiting i finally got my picture on the big chair. we look so tiny.
this picture is a little awkward but it was a self portrait as we are sitting by the fire. after all the fun activities we sat there for about 30 minutes just chatting and laughing. i love that we have so much fun just sitting and talking to each other.

we had a blast getting lost in the corn maze, shooting off pumpkin blasters, taking pictures, riding princess horses, practicing our roping skills, and getting scared! a perfect halloween activity.

i love just hanging out doing fun stuff with my cute husband. 
last night we were both pretty tired from all the fun activities of the day that we opted for a more relaxing way to celebrate halloween. so...

we went to our favorite restaurant which last halloween was the first time we went there, and then we came home an snuggled up and watched two movies...yep two, thank you free netflix! we didn't go to bed until 1pm which hasn't happened in so long. it was a fun way to celebrate.

so not this weekend...but halloween related, i went to see the show thriller with the girls in my family. it was so much fun being with all the girls, plus i think all of us were dancers at some point so we were all totally in love with the show. i admit i got freaked out by one dance but other than that i enjoyed every second.
so not the best picture considering how bright the sun was but this is me, and my cute mom and grandma, sister, and aunt and cousins! we missed all the other girls who couldn't make it to the show. it was so nice being with the girls, eating out, and hanging out at the u. oh boy do i love that campus.

anyways thats how we celebrated halloween!
what did you do?

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