Monday, November 1, 2010

mr. and mrs. have caved

so besides the little halloween post i feel i've been a little mia from the blogging world. there are three reasons for that.

1. hunger games
2. catching fire
3. mockingjay

yep thats right i've been caught up in the craziness of the hunger games series.

i held off a long time.
everyone was reading naturally i wasn't interested. spence read the first one on our honeymoon, he offered it to me. i started it in august but after reading the first chapter i didn't really get into it.

so it sat in my family room until last week. 

i'm the type of person who....because everyone else is doing it (reading it) i won't. and i felt great about not really liking hunger games.

i'm not sure what made me pick it up last week but after i did i was in trouble. i didn't put it down. then i stole the second book from the mr. and didn't put that one down. now i'm on the last book. yep 3 books in a week. 

so i caved. and the mr. did too. we both stayed up later than we should last night reading our books. (he's still on the second one so shh don't tell him anything that happens)

so thats why we've been mia....hopefully this won't last long ;-)

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