Monday, October 4, 2010

mrs. fall

i love fall
it's my favorite season

today i'm celebrating wearing sweats (but cute ones!)
...cuddled up at home
...loving the rain
...and getting ready for halloween....

so spence doesn't like halloween much.....and i love halloween, so i decided to keep the decorations simple.
i found this super cute print from craftily ever after, see it here!

i thought it would go perfect above our tv center. it's simple but adds some halloween fun. hopefully spence will let me add some more fun halloween fun!

thanks to mom i was able to put together this simple centerpiece. simple vase, fun ribbon, and pumpkins and acorns! for november i'm thinking of putting a candle in there too!

(yes that is a bowl of mints....spence is always putting one in his month so i figured i'd give him easy access to them)

yep i love fall


  1. sydney. you're adorable. so of course your home is.

    i love autumn too!

  2. That looks so cute up there! Thanks for sending me the link! I'm so glad you like it. And you and your husband are just too cute! And your picture in front of the temple is so much more exciting than all the 'regular' boring ones!!


  3. I love that "eat drink and be scary" picture! its precious!


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