Monday, October 4, 2010

mrs. 3 years ago

three years ago i started this blog. my freshman year at byu....

well i was thinking about that today and did a little rewind to this post

this day, 3 years ago, i was on a folk dance team, i was living in heritage halls, i had two dates in one day, i had 5 roommates, and i stayed up till 2

today, i am not on a folk dance team, i live in the cutest two bedroom apartment close to byu, i have 1 to 2 dates a week, i have one amazing roommate, and i go to bed around 11

yeah life as a freshmen was good....
but life as a GREAT

thats all!


  1. And three years from now you may be up at 2 again . . . feeding a sweet baby. Oh how life changes!!! I love that you are so happy.

  2. i am happy when you are happy! congrats girl! i hope to see you and your cute hubby at my farewell.

  3. That is so cute! Isn't getting to bed at a reasonable hour great? How did we survive staying up so late?

  4. you are happy...and it shows. i would love to party with you and bod soon. let's do it!


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