Thursday, October 7, 2010

mrs. utah

you know when you get on the same pathway as someone walking around campus....that happened to me yesterday. a cute little freshman and i were walking the same path. she was on her phone and this is what i heard....

"MOM oh my gosh you will never is the dead of winter here.
yeah there is snow in the mountains,
i am freezing
it went from summer to winter....what happened to fall?
yep, seriously the dead of winter, i need my boots!"

no this isn't a joke, this girl was so upset about the weather while talking to her mom. i thought the weather was great and was happy walking around without a jacket (me, the one who is always cold).

so as i walked the rest of the way to class i was grateful i grew up in utah. this poor girl has no idea what coming. yesterday was a nice fall day....soon enough she'll know what walking across campus in the dead of winter feels like.

so thanks mom and dad for raising us in utah. now i'm used to the great utah weather and won't need my boots for a lot longer!

hope this freshman has a big coat!

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  1. hahaha! Syd! i love this story! poor children who don't know what winter really is! im so glad i was raised in Idaho! i wont need my boots till December!


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