Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the mr. and mrs. and their exciting news

so time for our exciting news.....

we are moving!!!!

spence's company is moving up north, i have an internship up north
and so we decided it was time we moved as well. 

but after a long weekend of searching and coming up with nothing....
we decided to wait to move. 

the original plan was to move dec. 18 (crazy soon i know)
but we've decided to stay in p-town until we can find a great place.

i hate to admit it but i'm a little sad to move.
since day one in provo i've wanted to move to slc.
now that i am actually going to move i'm sad. why?

my whole adult independence has been spent in provo
i've met some of my greatest friends.
i've learned who i was and what my purpose is
i met my mr. in provo
i know the best places to eat
i know the best places to just drive and get away
i love that provo gets less snow than up north (my toes get so cold)

but deep down i'm a salt lake girl.
i knew provo wouldn't last forever.
i'm excited to move. it's time for spence and i to move forward.

so thats our news.
hopefully we'll find a place soon. 
one as great as the one we are in now.

now if only slc apartments were as cheap as provo ones! one can wish!

so slc...get ready for the barfuss family....we're coming!

1 comment:

  1. lame lame lame.

    buuuut we can do great shopping and eating in slc, right?


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