Monday, November 15, 2010

the mrs. may be a little too stressed

it's official...i'm losing my mind

crazy busy start of the week called for a nap. but right as i was laying down a thought came to my mind

i hadn't paid a deposit.
i started freaking out.
the money was due weeks ago.

i called the mr. and he told me not to stress. i stressed anyways

i sent out a few pathetic emails and made one phone call.

luckily for me it wasn't as big a deal as i thought it would be. i got a "i'll figure out what happened and get back to you" from the director and that was it.

but i couldn't get over the fact that i'm not the type to forget something like this. especially because it involves a very exciting part of my future.

so i decided to go over past bank statements.
to my surprise i had paid the deposit. and i had paid it early.

i can't believe i forgot i paid it. and i can't believe the director was now searching for a way to fix the not-really problem.

so i sent out even more pathetic emails and made one more phone call explaining that i had actually paid the deposit and blaming the stress of the end of the semester on the confusion.

yeah, i make myself laugh sometimes. 

moral of this story. the mrs. needs to review all the information before jumping to conclusions. and stop stressing so much. i guess i'm more on top of things than i thought.


  1. I forget things a lot too Sydney, when I pregnant!!! :)

  2. That happened to me on Saturday. I blame the end of the semester too. I had an application for a vocal competition that was due that I thought had to be recieved by Nov. 15th. So I sent an urgent email to the director of the program...made a fool of myself and then realized that it was supposed to be POSTMARKED not recieved by th15th. Thank. Goodness.


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