Monday, November 15, 2010

the mr. and his myspace surprise

starting friday i think, the mr. started getting interesting texts.

apparently some girl on myspace has been handing out his phone number.
yep, myspace! 
it's been fun reading what some people say.
one guy "go about ur business"
this was after spencer told him he got the wrong number.

but after multiple text we decided it's more fun to pretend with these people

yesterday we had some fun with "smiley", i think we might have scared them a bit. we were only trying to be funny. but when "smiley" told us that they knew my mom...well that just isn't true (my mom isn't on least i think so ;-)

so all you myspace people. we are sorry that ranye is giving you the wrong number.
but just so you know.

my husband is not your "hey sexy" and "hi beautiful" that you think he is....
he is mine and thats how it's going to stay.
ranye...if you are still giving out the wrong number on warned, we're having fun learning a little about you and why people are texting you!

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  1. such a funny story. you two are adorable. love your blog.


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