Saturday, November 13, 2010

the mr. and mrs. vintage additon finally on the wall!

so remember the vintage poster i made....well it finally made it on the wall (about a month later)! 
i think it turned out great....the pictures on the other hand, not so great but i figured i'd post them anyways.

(sorry for the flash, i need to learn to fix that)

so this week has been crazy for the barfuss fam. school is in fast mode (two huge papers and i've haven't started one...whoops!), thanksgiving break is coming up (party in san fran), and some big changes for the mr. and i.

lets just say i'm not the biggest fan of change but in this case it's exciting. 
have you ever had anything you've wanted for so long, talked about and been excited about...and then when it actually happens you're kind of sad? well i'm learning to not be sad but to be excited! so yay

the big news....

you'll just have to wait. i'm not ready to revel it to the blog world yet because i'm still working on adjusting. just know that i'm excited.


  1. syd, if i didn't know any better, i'd guess you were preggs! which would be awesome! we've got to play soon!

  2. Syd, you can't leave us hanging!!! We need to get together soon and I'm serious! We keep saying that and now it needs to happen!

  3. I'm dying to hear what this big news is! Also, I appreciate you guys taking a night to come watch our kids with life being so crazy. You are the best!

  4. Oooh oo, can't wait to hear the exciting news! My guess is your moving?
    I love the picture!


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