Thursday, November 11, 2010

the mrs. gets hacked

yesterday during our birthday date the mr. brought up the fact that a girl at his work had her gmail account hacked into the day before. we were talking about how somebody can hack into an account when all of a sudden i  got a message on my phone telling me i needed to long into gmail....

...i tired logging in again and again....and of course it didn't work....

...yep my account got hacked. we rushed home and luckily were able to change my password and save my account before the hacker sent out too many emails. so if you got an email from me don't open it.

gmail was great though, it sent a red flag to my account and even found out who the hacker was. how cool is that. 

so even though i got hacked on my birthday it made for a great story

and the moral of the story.....

if you have gmail i recommend changing your password. it's always good to switch it up and so i guess it was about time i did!

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  1. oh thats horrible!! what a jerk...i just dont understand why people want to go around being internet terrorists. i mean its just RUDE!!!


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