Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the mrs. is turning 22 TODAY!!!

today is my birthday. 
and i am 22 today, not 6 or 58 (the two ages we convinced my little nephew i was turning)
i love doesn't matter whose it is, they make me happy.
but i love my birthday because i get to talk to so many people that i love
and i get to eat out...twice
and my got to hang up the cutest happy birthday banner that my mom made for me
and bright colored gum balls are another reminder of the fun birthday (thanks natalie, i love them)

 so today...
i'm going to school because even 22 yr olds have to be responsible
but then it's off to lunch with my mom and grandma
and then date night to slc with spence

he woke me up this morning early just to wish me happy birthday.
man he is great!

so this is probably just another cool november day for the rest of the world...
but for me, its a day of love and happiness!

yay for birthdays!


  1. Happy Birthday! You are a Scorpio and you are a loving person! I’ve checked your scorpio horoscope
    Enjoy your day and you deserve all the best!Have a blast!

  2. those gum balls are the bomb! They looks so perfect up there on your mantel! Also...I'm a sucker for a cool birthday sign!!! Happy birthday madame from tunesandspoons to you!

  3. Happy happy b-day Sydney! Sounds like it's going to be a good one. I'm off to Logan to see Emily, so it's not just another cool November day for us either!!

  4. Happy bday! Thanks for inviting us over to your place the other night so I could beat you guys in yet another game.

  5. I hate jeff. you should too.


    let's get cupcakes tomorrow?

    I will call you.

    Yes, I really will.

  6. I hope your birthday was wonderful! What a darling banner and gum ball jars!


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