Saturday, November 20, 2010

the mr. and mrs. didn't see hp

last night the mr. and i went to dinner with our favorite couple the catts (they introduced us to a great mexican place, we're hooked).
afterwords we were too tired to do anything really active but we really didn't want to go we ended up at the real movie theater (not the dollar one, yeah big deal!)

well after finding out that hp was sold out till midnight we decided to see morning glory (this was the third time we'd tried to see this movie)

after walking past all the people waiting in line on the floor (gross) to try to get seats to their movies we walked right into ours.

we sat down and immediately this is my view....

yep we choose seats so we can put our feet up on the seats. and we both feel okay about this.

we laughed the whole time. we though morning glory was great (and had hilarious lines that we repeated to each other on the way home)

so maybe we'll join the rest of the world and see hp soon....but for now i'm so glad i got to see morning glory with my best friend last night!

yay for weekends!

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  1. HAHA! You guys crack me up. I always feel like some movie theater worker will yell at me if I put my feet up. I try to be sneaky about it...


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