Friday, November 19, 2010

the mrs. is thankful

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. most people don't understand that....

but what is there not to love.
a day that we get to think about all we are thankful for
a day we get to spend with family and friends
a day we get to eat pumpkin pie

so in honor of my favorite holiday and the days leading up to it i am starting my thankful list.

today it's simple.

i am thankful for a comfy warm apartment, where the mr. and i get to share all our first newlywed moments in. i am grateful for our first home. 

(this isn't really our first home....but it is the first place we lived when we were married, even if it was for just a week, sometime (a lot of times) we wish we could go back and live there for reals)

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  1. your blog is absolutely adorable and so full of love. plus, i saw your "be kind, rewind" button and was sold. new follower from tunes and spoons!

    i love thanksgiving. its my family's favorite holiday and really, there is so so much to be thankful for every day. i love spreading it out throughout the month :)

    happy friday!


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