Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the mrs and mrs. have their first christmas tree!

the mr. and mrs.brought their first christmas tree last night. and it was as magical as it sounds!

when the mr. got home from class i decided that writing my paper was overrated so we headed to my new favorite store (hobby lobby) only to find it closed. 

(as sad as we were i think it was a good thing....i wouldn't have spent too much money, like last week when all their christmas stuff was 50% off...whoops!)

so thanks to left over wedding money we are now the proud owners of a simple little christmas tree. 
as we walked out of the store with our tree it started snowing just a bit....perfect i know!

we got home and were so excited we set up our tree. we leave the middle of december for home for the holidays so we decided it was okay to set it up early so we would have time to enjoy our very own tree. 

with christmas music playing we put together our tree. spence even put our star on top. 
we haven't decorated yet....but even with an empty tree, there is something about a simple tree with christmas lights in our family room.

it's official...i'm in love with christmas with a husband! it's christmas music 24/7 
(right now i'm listening to kristen chenoweths christmas cd, i highly recommend it)

when are you setting up your tree?


  1. We still have the Christmas tree we bought when we first got married! I love sitting in the dark and only having Christmas lights light up the room. We are putting our tree up on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

  2. I love it!! I never set up a tree before Thanksgiving, but it will be going up the next day. For some reason, I am in the Christmas mood early this year, and if I wasn't having a big Thanksgiving dinner at my house I may just break my rule and set mine up too. I can't wait!

    Your tree is adorable in your cute apartment.

  3. LOVE hobby lobby! I am so glad they opened one here in Orem. And your xmas tree is so cute!! Isn't it fun to put it up? Its just so magical. your blog is so cute!! Love all your pics!!

  4. As you well know, our tree goes up the 1st of December. I have to celebrate Thanksgiving the entire month of November. But I understand why yours is up already. Love you Mrs.lady bug

  5. mmm i love sparkly lights. your tree is so pretty. and did i just read that you are moving to slc?? so exciting!


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