Friday, November 5, 2010

the mr. and mrs. genealogy fun! oh and 300 posts!

yay todays post is my 300th post. wow i've been blogging a lot these past few years. for being my 300th post i thought i needed something really great and profound to blog about....well i don't have much. but i do have a great story.

...last night spence and i were playing around one the
we both found our pedigree charts and decided to see how far we could go back...

well spence went back to about the 1500's, for me, at about the 1300's spence laughed and said
..."you could go all the way back to adam"

well i had fun going as far back as i could. i had some fun family ties. like lots of lord and king of this and king of that (i like the fact that i'm basically royalty now!)
well soon i was so far back that the names were in this crazy language, i think spence said it was just old english....

i kept going....
soon i was at about 900 ad. and then i was further back in time. we stopped checking the date and just kept clicking back. then we saw a name we both knew, anna (cousin to mary) and her father....

joseph of arimathea
yep no lie! well after that the genealogy is easy (thanks to the bible).
we passed king david....
on to noah...
then to abraham....then

yep thats right. i can trace my genealogy back all the way to adam (first man) and his wife eve (it really said first man hee hee)

so i won the how far back can you go game. it started as a joke but then it turned out true. 

i always knew it was true but now i can prove it....i'm related to adam ;-)
how far does your family go back....check out and see!


  1. 300 posts?!?! You go girl!!!! And genealogy is the best, it is such sacred work!!

  2. Just a note Spence's needs to do a little more genealogy. His line goes back to the 1300's as well. Could you two be related? He needs to follow Grandpa Holmes through the Campbell line. Technically speaking he has very noble blood.


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