Thursday, November 4, 2010

mrs. and her big sisters

i made a comment the other day to my cousin that mya was my favorite neice
(i was thinking i was safe saying this because technically she is my only niece)

my cousin got upset and asked me “what about my little girl?” and then it hit me. i actually have a lot of nieces and nephews. here is why….

many people don’t know this but i have big sisters. two of them in particular that i want to talk about today.

ash and rach are my two older cousins. i grew up just a few blocks away from them. though they didn’t have to, they acted as my big sisters.
  • one of my most vivid memories was a sleep over with ash and rach. they took me to dinner and then shopping, i was probably 8 or 9.  i remember sitting in rach’s room while they talked about boys, highschool, dating and dances. i was so jealous of my two beautiful cousins and wanted to be just like them one day
  • one Christmas ash was dating this boy and he gave her a really nice coat for christmas, random memory i know but i remember looking at ash and thinking she was so old and mature and that I wanted to be just like her one day.
  •  rach did my hair and makeup for every one of my high school dances. i don't think i truly thanked her that, it meant the world to me (plus my hair looked better than any other girl there...hee hee)  
  • ash taught me how to do a flip on the tramp, to this day its still the coolest trick i can do. 

they have both been a huge influence in my life. through their examples and great words of wisdom i was able to survive high school.

now they are both incredible wives and mothers. and i still look up to them. it's fun to see how much their kids love them, that proves to me how truly amazing they are at being mothers.

most families aren’t as tight knit as ours is. i'm kinda lucky that ours is so close.  guess

so in all actuality i do have a lot of nieces and nephews because i have two incredible big sisters.
(some of my beautiful nieces and cute studly nephew, i scared the two other boys so they won't take a picture with me....didn't realize a bride was scary)

(this is a picture of ash holding me as a baby, she just sent it to me and i had to post it. i love ash's hair!)
i should work on getting a newer picture taken...hee hee!

thank you two for being my big sisters 
for treating me like your little sister, 
for teaching me how to do my makeup,
for teaching me how to put up with big brothers,
to giving me advice on my first date 
to teaching me what it means to be a loving wife and mother. 
i love you two so much.

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  1. Ok Syd you just made me cry! It's funny cause my kids always ask me how many Auntes they have and without thought your always one of them. Since we three were the only girls in a family full of boys we had to stick together and let them know who was Boss!!! When you say we were examples to you it makes me smile because even though you were our "little cousin Sydney" you were always an example to us. For all the times I made mistakes I'd look at you down the road and wish I could have been as strong as you always were during those hard years, but I guess someone had to set the example of things NOT to do, right??? You are the best and Im SO glad I played as big of part in your life as you always have in mine!!!
    Love Ya,


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