Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas day for the two in love

celebrating christmas with two families was so much fun.
first we hit up my family christmas eve party for some great snacks, laughs, and fun games.
check out my cute little cousin....she is supposed to be a reindeer!
after that we rushed over to spence's family's christmas eve party.
i didn't take any pictures so i'll have to steal some from the sister.

christmas morning was a blast.
from fighting to get down the stairs.
to opening our stockings all together
to present after present.

seriously the two family thing for christmas is awesome...hee hee!
then it was back in the car and more of my family.

i lost my mr at our christmas party...
this is where i found him. teaching my little nieces and nephew how to play angry birds.
cute i know!
our one picture on christmas. whoops someone forgot to take pictures. but at least i got one good one. check out those short sleeves.
yeah so much for a white christmas.
maybe next year!
my cute brother and sister gave grandma this awesome orange ball...
why you may ask?
because this is what you get for a grandma who has everything!
and just so you know, she loved it. i just wish i would have gotten video of her reaction! 

and yes thats my other brother in the background. he is known for his great picture taking ;-)
we finished off the day with a new tradition. christmas dinner. 
we had so much fun eating and laughing and just being together.

so thank you to our two families for a great christmas. 

oh and for what we got? 
something so exciting i'm waiting for another post to talk about it! 
yep that great! 

how was your christmas?


  1. hahahah! that first picture of your cousin as a reindeer is both hilarious and brilliant! you look beautiful in that picture with your hubs! merry christmas!

  2. I LOVE the reindeer idea... too cute!

  3. I heard the family party was fun, sorry we couldn't make it....:(


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