Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the mr. and his fantasy football

fantasy football is an interactive, virtual competition in which people manage, draft, trade, and play professional football players versus one another. 

barfuss family fantasy football is an interactive, intense, and hysterical way to earn the family bragging rights for the year.

every year the mr. and his brothers and cousins all join the barfuss family league. they have an intense drafting hour where they all pick their players and then the fun begins. i am always catching the mr. checking on his team and watching his players. 

little did i know when we got married how big of a deal fantasy football really is in the life of a barfuss boy. 

this year's league....the mr. didn't do so great.
but last year...the mr. won. 
so sunday he was presented with this beauty.
thats right, a legit season champion trophy. this thing is a beauty. 
sadly we only get it for one week before we have to pass it on to this years winner.
but the mr.'s name will forever be engraved on the side. 
a remembrance of when my mr. was the champion.
the cute cousins did a big pass the trophy ceremony for the mr. and pictures were taken but just not from my camera...so hopefully i can steal some picture and share those with you.  

so now we have the trophy shown proudly for one whole week.
congrats on winning babe.
i love having the sweet trophy to look at!


  1. gotta love fantasy football! My husband does the same type of thing. He finds out if he wins tonight ha ha. I wish he got a trophy like the barfuss family gives!

  2. Ha, I loved this post. Covey is the same way! I had to learn all about fantasy this year, and watched lots of games:)


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