Saturday, January 1, 2011

the mr. and mrs. celebrate the end of 2010

happy 2011. 
i can't believe another year has come and gone.

2010 has truly been the best year yet. hopefully 2011 can be just as great.

a little look back.

  • i feel in love with my mr.
  • married off my best friend.
  • i took hard classes and loved them.
  • i turned down a dream job, because i wanted to marry spence.
  • the mr. and i went on our first road trip (and decided to get married).
  • i applied for my dream internship.
  • the mr. proposed and i said yes.
  • that same night i found out i got my dream internship. (yeah it was a great day)
  • i went on another trip with the mr. and my best friends.
  • i said goodbye to my roommate for 3 years. miss sis. downs
  • said goodbye to ag 7. my home for the last two years.
  • moved home for the last time.
  • married spence. best day ever!!!
  • went on a honeymoon to mexico, want to go back.
  • moved into the cutest little apartment.
  • the mr. joined my family vaca.
  • i took the hardest classes of my major and loved them.
  • went on my first barfuss family vacation.
  • attempted to become a cute little house wife. 
  • found out i can't really cook. (i'm working on this)
  • fell more in love with my mr. 
  • celebrated our first holidays together.
  • i got the best gpa i've ever gotten, yeah marriage is good for the grades.
  • and last night at midnight i kissed my best friend and cute husband.

i'd say it's been a good year. 

2011 brings more exciting things:
  • my internship. i start in 3 days....ahhhh i'm so nervous
  • graduation. you'll be seeing the two b's in blue come april.
  • a big move to slc. (still apartment hunting)
  • mcat prepping (for the mr. not me)
  • another trip to mexico.
  • mcat taking.
  • medical school applications. (we're hoping for sunny cali for new york new york)
  • a big girl job, hopefully!
  • and who knows what else.
2011...bring on the new and exciting. 
i'm just glad i get to spend another great year with spencer bradley!
and who knows what else

best day of 2010:

what was your best day?
what does 2011 bring for you?

don't worry. we have a lot of pictures, crafts, and updates from these past two weeks! more posting soon.


  1. my favorite day of 2010 was most certainly my wedding day too!!! 2010 rocked! i think 2011 has a lot to live up to right!? you look so beautiful as a bride and your mr. looks pretty dapper too! happy new year!

  2. syd! what a great year. what is your intership?? i want to hear about it. can bod, you, and i get together?

  3. Getting married is better for your grades. Both of us had better grades the semester after we got married! It sounds like a wonderful year. Have a great first day of your internship!

  4. You forgot to mention your dream nanny job :) ha least you were OUR dream nanny! Miss you already but we're excited for you. Please stop by once in awhile. Seth keeps asking when you are coming!


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