Sunday, January 2, 2011

the mr. and mrs. are done

i'm done

and i couldn't be more relieved.

that's right. i am finished with my wedding thank you cards.
i know, we've been married 5 months. but seriously handwriting hundreds of cards takes a long time. 

i am so grateful to all the wonderful people who helped make our wedding perfect. and all the incredible help and gifts we received to start our first home. seriously we got so much stuff we didn't have to buy anything we needed (expect for a garbage can!).

so thank you to everyone for the most amazing wedding ever.

and if i forgot you somehow...i'm so sorry and thank you!

here is a picture of the stack of card we get to send off tomorrow (over 100 cards). 

for all you future brides, i highly suggest doing the postcard style thank you 
(ours match our invites,
and are simple so we can use them in the future). 

the postage is a whole lot cheaper. just another way to save money! 

now all i have to worry about is getting my apartment back together after the great holiday break. bring on the grocery store tomorrow!

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  1. Remember how I finished our two months after the wedding but have yet to send them? Eight months later and I still don't have all addresses...tacky I know.


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