Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the mrs. christmas present

so i got one of these fun things for christmas.
i may have cried when i opened it up.
i was so surprised. i was not expecting this at all. 
of course i wanted one. i've wanted one ever since all the fun craft blogs started using one for all their crafts.

so for the past few months i've entered giveaway after giveaway trying to win a silhouette. 
and of course i didn't win (i never win...one day i will)

my mom fully supports my addiction to crafting....
and for christmas she may have increased the addiction.

thank you mom for this great present. i love it so much. i may even dream about things to do with the silhouette.

well do you want to see my first project?
here it is! 
i have seen a lot of pillows with this cute monogram and i decided i needed on.
i'm in the process of redoing the pillows on our couches (more posts on that to come) and thought a cute monogrammed one would be perfect.

i decided to attempt cutting fabric with my machine. after a few attempts it finally worked out (expect for the left over heat and bond on my mat, i'll keep working out the kinks). 

it's simple but i love how it turned out. 
shh don't tell spence that the circle fabric is pink (i've attempted to hid it by using the green but i couldn't resist using this cute fabric).

so now i have my sewing machine and my silhouette. i think i'm set to be a professional stay-at-home crafter!

i'll keep you updated on more fun silhouette crafts!


  1. Like I've said before, you need to sell this stuff! You are so creative.

  2. BAH! I am so jealous right now! I think you should sell them, specifically one with a 'C'.

  3. tell me more about this silhouette.... so is it made for just cutting fabric?

  4. Just came across your blog and I fell in love! I love the design of it and all of the pictures!

    I am a newlywed too and now blog about all of the fun wedding & marriage details!

    I am your newest follower...hope you check me out too! Oh, and this pillow is amazing...I want one now :)

    ~Romantic Savy

  5. i can't believe you made this! it looks like it would be a super expensive anthropologie pillow. the monogram came out beautifully!

    and yay for craft addictions. i got a sewing machine for christmas and i could not be more thrilled!

  6. i am so jealous! i've been eying one of these baby's for quite some time now.

    sidenote: i read this post right before i went to bed last night, and i dreamt that you came to my house and we made these pillows together. haha.

  7. So cute Syd!! I want to be a crafty wife...soon...very soon!!

  8. That is adorable!! Your double line of stitching really makes it. You sew so straight!!!

  9. I love this! Can I pay to to make me a "B" and tell me how to put it all together??

  10. ok you have thee cutest blog! i think you may know my good friend hayley marshall from jerusalem. but anyway..love your blog!



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