Wednesday, January 5, 2011

one of the many habits of the mr.

be warned....there are a ton of pictures in this post. let me explain...

i was going through my pictures today. as i was searching for a picture i started to realize something.

i had a bunch of super random, some really ugly, and awkward pictures of me.

yep that is what happens when my husband gets control of the camera. he'll take one good picture of me...and then another, and another and another. and usually all the others are very awkward.

why am i sharing these potentially humiliating pictures?
i'm not really sure.
but i think it's cute that my mr. took all of these.
it's a good thing he loves me no matter what.

does your husband do anything like this or is it just mine?

so this isn't horrible but just notice the awkward nose squish. half of my wedding pictures have this...not pretty. i'll need to work on the nose!
so this was taken after waking up at 3am to drive to reno. no makeup. no sleep. and pure confusion of why my husband is taking a picture of me.
this is one of those pictures after a good picture. i have no idea what i'm doing.
so i actually kinda like this picture. i think i'm laughing at something bod said on the beach at lake tahoe. but just another example of an after a good picture picture
the back of my head. yeah seriously i have about 15 other pictures just like this. thanks babe ;-)
so i'm a little nervous posting this one but i couldn't resist. a butt shot. something only a husband would do. and to be honest this isn't the only one. when i started counting how many of these kind of pictures i have i just had to laugh.
so one day i decided to be adventurous and bake something new. i burned it. i guess this was me trying to eat one. thanks to the mr. for capturing this oh so attractive moment.
so when i concentrate really hard i do this weird bite my bottom lip type thing. my mom first noticed it during one of my dance recitals when i was little. now for all my future posterity here is my habit for them to see. 
a surprise attack while washing my hands. yes so beautiful i know. don't judge me too much.
i look either really mad or completely confused. most likely confused which is usually what happens when spence holds the camera to my face.
if you haven't read this post do it. you can read it here. anyways this is just one of about 20 pictures of me on the phone with my skirt. again awkward.
remember that one time the mr. and i went on a bike ride. we took a few really cute pictures. and he took about a million awkward ones. note to self....never ride howie in a dress or skirt again.
i have no idea what i'm doing in this picture.
apparently i'm scared of fire. or am i crying. either way this is another fun one from the best friends wedding.
so there you go. a ton of awkward and random pictures of me. that my mr. took. 
and proof that i love the edit function of iphoto.
gotta love my man. 

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  1. Cute!!!!!! I have random pics like this too...mainly of my hub!!!

    ~Romantic Savy


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