Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a little update...

while the mr. is wrapping my christmas present (i offered to help) 
i decided to blog a little.

i've been so bad with picture taking lately, i know its so not me.

so i decided to redeem myself over the break.

on monday my mom, sister and i joined my cute aunt and uncle for their little family party. every year for some reason santa shows up. and every year all the cute kids are so surprised. i loved seeing the little ones faces when they realized who was at the door. 

i guess all it takes is a little "jingle bells" for santa to come walking in!

each kid got to sit on santas lap and asking for one thing. i caught this cute picture.
don't i have the most adorable niece in the world. 

the cutest part...after every body has sat on santa's lap she came up to him and asked to sing him a song. 

so as santa sat in his big chair cute little jaid sang santa her favorite christmas song. i loved every minute of it.
serioulsy i can't get over how cute she is. 

and don't you worry. the mrs. wasn't left out of the fun either.
but i had my mom and sister tag along....

santa can be kind of scary.

one of us asked for a baby.
one of us asked for a masters degree.
one of us asked for a grandbaby. 

wonder who asked what?

the mr. missed out on all the fun of being a real person and having a real job!
but later that night the mr. played in a great basketball game with the barfuss boys. 

he and his brothers are on this team and we have a blast cheering him on.

check out those arms as he defends his ball (he may have just been listening to the ref but he still looks cute).
so all in all it was a great monday.
i love when santa comes to visit
i love when i can cheer on my best boy.
i love when it's christmas break! 

but i don't love it when i'm watching my team boise state.

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