Thursday, December 23, 2010

the mr. and mrs. had a date night

so last night my mom and cute sister were crafting and sewing. i was addressing christmas cards
(yep i know they will get them after christmas...whoops)
but as i was in the other room i could hear how much fun they were having and i just had to join in. 
i hate not crafting when others are.
i didn't have any thing i needed to craft so i pulled out some scraps and made a head band.
don't look too close, it was a really fast project, i'm talking 5 mins or less. 

of course i had to rock my new make for our date last night. 
we were going to go on a romantic christmas date, dinner in slc, temple square know the whole bit....

but a few utes were playing, it was raining, and the mr.'s team was playing (the jazz)

so we decided on texas roadhouse and some good ol' football and basketball.
dinner was great and so much fun.
i love just hanging with my cute husband. we have a blast together just laughing and telling stories. when we got home i insisted on taking a picture of our date night (and with my new headband). i have such a great husband to put up with my random picture taking. i keep telling him our kids will thank us one day, as they see how fun and cute we were when we were little! 

thanks dad for playing photographer.

he even had us do different poses. like i've said before. i love christmas break!

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  1. Sooo cute Syd! And fyi, I finally made a blog! It's ashleyandstephenanderson@blogspot.comLove you girl! Let's play!


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