Saturday, December 4, 2010

the mr. and mrs. thanksgiving trip

finally the san fran pictures!
after driving through the night we finally made it to san fran. needless to say i was tired but it was go go go.
our first stop was alcatraz.
here we are in front of one of the rooms.
alcatraz was cool to see but i never want to go back. no happiness in that building and those listening tours were a little creepy.
(don't mind the mr.'s long hair. i fixed it right up on sunday when we got home.
no more gross long hair!)
sarah, spence and i with san fran as our incredible back ground.

so these aren't really in order but....
we spent black friday shopping in one of the best shopping towns ever.

 three beautiful stories of my favorite store. i was so happy to just walk around this fun place. who couldn't love a huge nordstroms.
black friday was crazy.
it took spence and i one hour to get from our hotel to the cheesecake factory, which were a block and a half away from each other. yep there were that many people.
needless to say we ate somewhere else.
 this one is for you mj:
the "full house" house. i think i was the only one on the trip overly excited to see this place but my cute family stopped anyways. it was as great as i expected. hey who could blame me, i grew up with the tanner family!
 pier 39. one of my favorite places in san fran. and it was all decorated for christmas so bonus. we ate soup bowls, shopped, laughed and took pictures.
there is anyways a ton of fun and activities at the pier and we enjoyed it all!

the family on the cable car.
not as exciting as one would think.
but hey we were in san fran, we had to ride it right?
one day we went to the california museum of sciences. it was a really cool place and we have a blast in the aquarium part. i even got to touch a star fish and i talked the man into turning him on his back so we could feel what the inside of a star fish feels like (it's pretty cool).

this picture isn't that great but you get the idea of how much fun we were having. seriously aquariums are so cool.
spence thought i took too many pictures of fish. and maybe i did. but who can blame me, they are so stinkin cute. this was one of my favorites though now looking at the picture it doesn't look as cool...oh well1

just some candy store that i fell in love with.
san fran was never lacking in fun stores!
my cute little brother in law. he kept me laughing the whole trip. it was fun to be with the whole family.

we tried to get a picture of us on our first thanksgiving being married.
most are a lot worse than this.
spence wasn't in the mood for a normal picture.
he kept me laughing.
so this was the outcome.

thanks to my amazing in laws for a great thanksgiving break. the trip was a blast. you were so giving. it was so kind of you to take us newlyweds with you (and feed us incredible food, and get us our own room).  we missed the rest of our family though!

one of my favorite family vacations for sure!

i sure love san fan.

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  1. Nice post babe! I'm sure glad I was able to go to San Fran with you! When's our next vacation?


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