Monday, December 6, 2010

the mr. is the greatest

my husband is the greatest.

last night he made me dinner so i could watch a disney channel show (yeah i still watch the disney channel and i'm proud of it)

he let me go to bed early because i was super tired and he cuddled next to me when i knew he wasn't that tired yet.

this morning he got up before i did, when i started to wake up he told me to stay in bed.
"our apartment is still cold, i've tried to warm it up but it's not that warm yet"

yeah, he got up to turn the heat back on (our room gets so hot at night) and turn on our space heater. just because he knew i'd be cold when i got out of bed.

and today he left for his first day of work in slc.
he has to commute 1 hr each way everyday now because i wasn't ready to move yet.

so yep. i have the greatest husband and i love him with my whole heart.
i love this picture, because first spence doesn't like to dance but he danced with me on our wedding (and he was great) and second i love my mr.s smile and this picture shows his great smile. 
happy monday!


  1. um...i LOVE the candles in the background on the fireplace! That looks so beautiful!!!! It amazes me when my husband treats me like a queen like that too. Gosh, we have great men!

    I adore that picture! :)

  3. you guys are so cute. and i still watch the disney channel too! :)


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