Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the mrs and her dreams

so a few days ago i had a very vivid dream....
mr crazyeights who is our great free internet provider decided to no longer provide free internet

a few days after that i had another vivid dream....
i was the proud mommy of an adorable blue eyed baby boy

well last night mr crazyeights did decided to no longer provide free internet. reality hit us in the face

the mr. looked over to me
"looks like baby boy barfuss is coming up"

we both laughed but figured my dream would come true because apparently i dream the future

well this morning we woke up to mr crazyeights free internet once again.

i guess reality wasn't ready for the mr. and i to have our adorable blue eyed baby boy.

but just you know reality....we're waiting until crazyeights really cuts off the internet,
then it's hitting up "a pea in the pod" for me!

in the mean time....
i'm trying to convince the mr. to get me one of these...because doesn't everyone need a puppy?
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