Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the mrs. is finally done.

so i hate all caps (i hate capitalization period). i usually never use it but today is special because....


 take hardest classes in major (two of them)== check
pass hardest classes in major==check
finish music minor==check

now whats left?
my internship.

saying goodbye to the good ol' byu for a little while. 

figured i'd kick it up at the state legislature with all those cool senators and representatives and such. ya know my kind of people....haha not. i'm scared out of my mind but also so very excited.

i've dreamed of being at this point in my education for so long. 
now that it's finally here it's hard to believe. 
but boy am i excited. 
and maybe even more excited to be up in salt lake.

mr. hurry and finish your final so we can play

but on a totally unrelated note.

does anybody actually read my blog?
if you do i want comments.
why? because i feel like i'm talking to myself, which isn't all that bad, i do it all the time but...

i want to do giveaways. 
fun uh. i always enter them but never win so i figured why not just do them instead. 
but i need more followers and readers to do giveaways. 
so should i do a giveaway?

so do you read my blog?
i want to hear from you. 
(mom and husband don't count, they have to read my blog)


  1. um, girl, even though it's slightly creepy since we've only hung out a few times, I totally read your blog all the time! And it's one of my favorites because you do such cute posts! I definitely support the give away idea, I totally would be stoked to win some of the amazing crafts you do!

  2. I check your blog daily. Keep those posts coming, I'll keep reading. :)

  3. Syd I love your blog because it is so fun to read. i seriously check it all the time. miss you girl! love you!

  4. I love your blog, Sydney! I was so happy to see your comment the other day. :-) ^ And Kelsey up there is my cousin-in-law...I didn't know you two knew each other!

  5. i definitely read your blog almost everyday. i admire you for updating so much, i wish i was like you! you two are too cute and good luck on the internship!!!

  6. I do, I do! I know, creepy old lady following your blog. But it's fun to see what you're up to and that you are so happy.

  7. okay, so i doubt you remember me, I met you at Liz's shower, I'm one of her good friends. Anyway, I came across your blog when I was on hers and I read it. Its adorable!

  8. Hey Syd! I read your blog all the time! It's such a fun way to keep up with all you're doing. Love it!

  9. Add me to your stalker list because I read your blog every day at work. Keep blogging :)

  10. Ok, I never post comments because I feel slightly creepy that I read your blog, but the fact is, I do. And I'm always so jealous of your cute crafts! I secretly really want you to teach me to do the necklace hanger :)

  11. i read your blog frequently i.e. every time you update.

  12. Alright, I haven't seen you since high school but I read your blog all the time! (I'm not a stalker!) Keep on posting, you've got readers :)

  13. hope this isn't too weird, but i'm a total blog stalker =) i found you through a friend's and i have fallen in love with your blog! you and your hubby are so stinking cute! keep writing and i will keep reading =)

  14. I totally read your blog all the time! Probably because you're my favorite and I love that you and Spencer are coming to Salt Lake! We will get to see you more often!

  15. i love your and spence are darling and it makes me happy to see your posts. i read them daily. keep it up, girly.

  16. i read your blog too! i saw the link on your facebook, and i love blogs SO much so i decided to come visit it! it's a really cute blog too :)

  17. Pretty sure I love your blog and in fact am reading it now (obviously) when I should be studying for a final...haha. That's dedication right there. Keep blogging Syd!!

  18. Sydney,
    I love reading your blog! Basically you and Spencer are so cute together. It makes me happy.
    Love, Marie

  19. Of course I read your blog. It is rare thing to sit down and read, led alone have enough time to write a comment. Congrats on being done with finals! Enjoy the break. We'll miss you here in Provo :(

  20. I read it! Now give me a prize :) Ha ha. I love you and we ARE playing this week!


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