Thursday, December 16, 2010

the mrs. shoutouts!

thank you for all the great comments. its fiun to hear from people who read my blog. i totally know the feeling of a first comment on a blog you randomly found....
"um they are going to be so weirded out by the fact that i'm reading their blog"

and then the mr. said something so smart....
"uh do you wonder why they have public blogs. it's because they want people to read them. do you love new followers. so will they"

the mr. is wise. but it is so true. i love new followers. so i guess others do too! i'll work on that.

anyways i have a shout out. to two people. ash and megs.
why? because they have talked about starting blogs and haven't yet. so today i'm posting about megan...tomorrow ash. in hopes they will start blogs.
because i love blog stalking. what can i say i'm a people person!
 (be warned, this is a long post. i'm out of school what can i say, i have all this free time!)
(the time we made cookies for our fhe bros)
sophomore year i moved into a new place. i didn't know who my roommate would be but when i walked into my room and saw all her byu stuff my heart dropped. oh well. i set up my u of u bedding and left.

over the next few months this new person became my best friend.

megs was an answer to my prayers. i prayed so hard for a good roommate. little did i know heavenly father would bless me with more than a roommate. a mentor, a best friend, a big sister.

throughout the first few weeks megs and i would stay up late talking. and we found out we were basically the same person. expect i was lacking the athletic genes.

we bonded over jr. miss pagents, efy, crazy families, and so much more.
(the time when i died my hair, and megs didn't care at all)
on day i blogged about us. we made a deal. our room needed to be cleaned so we made a deal, if we cleaned we could go buy $10 sunglasses....

the $10 sunglasses turned into new vans and clothes.

megs introduced me to vans and burnout shirts. i am so grateful to her.
(the time megs had a 21st birthday, and the time we double dated together)
one time megs moved out for a month. at first i was excited to have my own room. but soon learned i missed my best friend so much. it was a lonely month.

we went through a lot together.

 (the one of many times we cheered megs on at her game!)

i saw megs met, date, and fall in love with her sweet husband matt.
we sent pictures back and forth when i was in jeru for a summer.
i saw megs get engaged and married to her best friend.
megs saw me met, date, and fall in love with my sweet husband the mr.
megs (with her cute matt) saw me get engaged and married to my best friend.

(the time i had a 21st birthday and another double date with our best friends!)
we saw the best times, the hardest times, the funnest times, and the saddest times together.
megs truly helped me become who i am today.

so megs,
though i think i see your family more than i see you, i still love you so much. thank you for being with me through the hardest times over the past few years. thank you for teaching me what it truly means to be selfless and christlike. you are a beautiful example to me. i truly look up to you. i love you big sister. i'm so excited to be friends forever. remember we talked about going on vacations with our families when we are old! so here is the deal. because you are so busy, and asking your mom and husband how you are just isn't as need to start a blog! okay deal!

i sure love you! lets play!
 (remember the time we got locked in our apartment! yep i do)
 (and the time we had a bridal shower for you! mrs. sadie sadie married lady)

(and that time i saw my best friend got married. i loved this day so much!)

 megs you are beautiful! thanks for everything.
the mr. and i love you both so much...see we even try to be like you two.


  1. okay, you convinced me. i think your lovely friend DOES need to start a blog. i'm sure it would be fabulous.

    i love that you two have all of these pictures of funny moments in your life. thsoe are always the best moments to capture and laugh about again later.

    also, i loved reading this post. i think it is so great you have someone in your life you can truly call your best friend and connect with on that many levels. :)

  2. Small world, she and matt are in my ward! We should all definitely get together sometime! We are always looking for more married friend here in provo..

  3. That's so fun! It seems like you guys had some great times together, i love it. Your hubby is right about the blogging thing. I love your blog!


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