Friday, January 14, 2011

just another craft for the mrs.

so i've turned into a craft monster....
the other day i was doing my homework but was going craft crazy.
i just had to do something crafty

but  spence told me that if i do anymore crafts our apartment will be overflowing with home-made-ness

so i had to do something small
plus i really had to finish homework

so i got out my fun new silhouette and made a book mark.

i put simplify on it. 
because that's what i need to do and so every time i read i can be reminded.

i started with two pieces of scrapbook paper (i love double sided paper)
thanks to some fun silhouette how to online i came up with my little book mark.

i loved that the silhouette could cut out the perfect shapes for me. this is before i glued all pieces together.
here is the completed book mark. three different layers. i decided on the green last minute and loved how it turned out.
i just got the completed library of jane austin books....the book mark works perfectly!

i loved how it turned out and i loved that it took me only 10 minutes.
my crafting urge was settled for a little while...

but now all i want to do is make cute valentine decorations...
maybe next week after we're all moved it ;-)

unrelated note...
moving day tomorrow. wish us luck. especially the mr. because his wife may or may not be going completely crazy packing and preparing for her internship!

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  1. so fun. i usually use a pass along card for my book mark haha.


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