Thursday, January 13, 2011

the mrs. daily outfit (or just yesterday's outfit)

so it seems like lately the new blog tend is daily outfits.
literally 10 blogs i follow have started this.

you know what i'm talking about.
super cute girls taking artsy pictures of themselves in adorable outfits.

yeah i admit i am jealous of most of the outfits. 
and maybe i'm jealous i don't look that cute most days.
and seriously i need to grow out my hair so i can curl it like they all do (again jealous)

as i was getting ready yesterday i thought to myself 
"i should do a daily outfit post"
but just this once.

i woke up early to finish homework yesterday, still didn't give myself enough time.
it was freezing.
i had to walk to campus.

all of these things = not a cute day.
to be honest most days i don't really look that cute. 
hey i'm just going to campus. why dress up? 

so here is a daily outfit post from a real life college senior who has one class (that ends tomorrow) 
and who walks to campus in negative 100 degree weather
and who doesn't have anyone to take pictures of her (so yep you get self portraits in the mirror)....

sorry for the laundry basket...we're moving in two days, it happens!

sweats: 8 years old from gap. shirt: target (again years old). sweatshirt: a jeru lovely. shoes: toms

so there you have it. a legit outfit of the day post. just proof that not every blogger is cute all the time. at least i did dress up my feet with my new toms from the mr. (i am seriously in love with them i wear them all the time). other than that i am rocking the just out of bed look in forever old and run down clothes. 

hey what can i say. i'm a college senior living in the frozen tundra. 
what did you wear today?

don't worry you won't have to see anymore of my outfits ;-) because maybe today i'm wearing pj's and a boys white v-neck!


  1. AMEN. girl I LOVED this post! Seriously, sometimes I get sick of those blogs because let's be honest, what normal person has the time and money everyday to take hours getting ready and dressed to the nines and then have a photo-shoot none the less? craziness.

    and p.s. you always look cute and stylish i think!

  2. I think you look comfy and cute! I hardly ever get dressed up ready either.. I love TOMS too, I have a gray pair and the little girl I nanny has the pink sparkly ones:]

  3. haha, if i were do a fashion post, it would look quite similar. even more proof that not every blogger looks like a magazine ad everyday! haha :)


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