Monday, January 10, 2011

the story of the move.

so life has been a little crazy lately. 
i started my internship prep class and the fun part....
i finish it on friday. 

i know a two week class. and have i done the all the it's more fun to sit at home and watch movies and look for great deals at pottery barn. 

so after this week no more class.
just internship internship! and i'm so excited.

for those of you who don't know...
i'm interning up at the utah state legislature for the 2011 general session.

exciting i know! 

and on top of that.
we're moving most likely next week.

everything has happened so fast. let me give you the details...

last september...
spence was looking for jobs in slc. and i was so excited to move up.
i started crying when he got a job in provo. meaning we would have to stay.
but prayed it would all work out.

late november....
spencers company decided to move up to salt lake.
figured we would have to move and moving over christmas break would work best.
put our apartment up for sell. sold it in 5 mins (yeah it's that great apparently)
spent about a week searching for places.
cried myself to sleep every night because i didn't want to move (surprised i know)
found a few okay places.
finally decided not to move....yet.
prayed and felt okay with staying.

christmas break...
decided that i was going to find the perfect place for us.
search on ksl for hours and hours.
found dream apartment.....couple of hundred $$ over limit (sad day).
found another great place. but didn't work with our time line
found a lot of not great places.
again i cried.
and prayed a lot
again the mr. agreed to commute so i could stay in my beautiful apartment (he is so kind)
so we decided to just wait and see...

mr. started his mcat prep in slc. so he is gone longer than ever.
this whole time i'd been praying to find a great place for us.
i knew we would have to move.
we decided that if we found a great place we would take it.
i didn't think i'd find a great place.

then last thursday....
i realized that we needed to move. if i ever wanted to see my mr. we needed to be up in slc (at this point we are both driving up almost everyday).
i said a little prayer and got on ksl.
found this perfect little place (which i had seen before but it was reposted)
i was worried but called the lady.
she told us to come look at it.
raced up to slc.
got the mr from work.
and made our way over to the apartment.
on the way we both felt so great, the neighborhood was so much better than anything we'd seen. we both feel in love.
the place was perfect.
the landlord even better. she worked with us!

we came home.
i didn't cry myself to sleep.
the next day i was still feeling good about things.
we posted our apartment.
had tons of calls.
had no one show up to see it.
now i cried.
then one couple called late that night.
came and saw the place.
took over our contract.

so now we are moving.
and i'm not sad.
but so excited.

but still a little scared. wanna be our friends in slc? pretty please!

but here is the point of my story....
the lord works on his own time schedule.  now the time is right for us to move and he has truly helped us along the way. 

so now the mr. gets to put up with his crazy wife who keeps talking about the new place and keeps making drawings of how to arrange the furniture. 

i am so grateful to have found the next 'barfuss home'. 
slc...get ready.
but first....i really need to do homework. ahh!


  1. Moving is one of my least favorite things. I love the excitement of a new place but hate the process of getting there. Best of luck with the move, mcat, and internship. We are moving to Davis county come May...we'll be your friends!

  2. Can't wait to see pics of your new place, and how cute you've decorated it with all your home-made-ness! Love it! Miss you :)


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