Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the mr. and mrs. cheer on the jazz

remember that one time when i would get home from school....
take a nap
clean the apartment
make dinner
blog a little bit
do a craft
and cuddle with the mr. 

now lets take these last few days
come home from work
hurry and put something together for dinner
get binders ready for the next morning
watch tv for just a second
crash into bed

yep thats how things are going to be for the next 5 weeks.
but guess what

i am truly living my dream and having so much fun
who cares if i'm exhausted
but tonight the mr. made dinner so i had time to blog just a little.
just a fun reminder of our great weekend.

thanks to our siblings (ric and megs, liz and dunc) we've been able to go to two jazz games.
cute spence bought me a d will jersey so we could match 
(and maybe because we get to go meet him in person next week, pictures of that for sure)

we had fun sitting in our great seats cheering on our good ol' jazz.

thanks fam for two great games! we've loved our jazz date nights! 

 of course the mr will do this when i ask for a cute picture...oh well
you can't really tell but we're wearing awesome d will jerseys (i'm not the biggest d will fan but it happened to be the only girl d will it is!)

i sure do love date nights.
and now that i see the mr. even less....weekends are all that much sweeter!


  1. Love the jerseys, that is so fun! And your internship sounds amazing! *also I saw some vintage posters like the cute ones you make on the rockstar diaries blog as a give-away. You should totally make yours and sell them on etsy or something!:)


  2. I care if you're exhausted, that's who!


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