Saturday, February 5, 2011

best date night/mini vaca ever!!!

so yesterday was my day to plan our date night.
i woke up with a fun idea of a picnic and movie in our family room
but yesterday wasn't the happiest day for the mrs.

so halfway through the day i decided i didn't like the idea of all the work a picnic would be
so i choose something else

something involving swimming
eating out
big bubble baths
and laughing

we had ourselves a little vacation
in slc

yep, i booked us a room at the little america.
i packed an overnight bag
packed up my mr.
and headed for the big city!
(check out how big our room was, and we got a great deal! sorry for the bed, i forgot to take a picture before we went to bed)

it may surprise you but it was so much fun
we loved eating out
checking in
bubble baths
watching the jazz game all cuddled up
and sleeping in a huge king sized bed 
(we want one for christmas!)
i even got about 11 hours of sleep 
(yeah i needed it badly, thanks mr. for letting me sleep so long and telling me i looked cute sleeping next to you)
(i will have a tub like this when we build a home!)

then we woke up and went to the little coffee shop for the best breakfast ever. 
(breakfast was so delish. i loved pretending we were on vacation)

it was a much needed relaxing date night.
and it kept reminding us of our honeymoon which was even better.
fun memories.

so we might not be able to have mini vacations to slc every date night....
.....but we decided one in a long while is a for sure necessity.
 (yes we did take pictures of ourselves in the mirror....and i love everyone of them!)

next time the mr. plans a date night....he'll have a hard time topping my date night ;-)


  1. thats the room we always stay in! i love it and everything about that hotel. so glad you had fun")

  2. So cute! That was a great idea!!!!

    Glad you had fun!

  3. Dates like that are a MUST, especially when work, school, and eventually kids make life crazy. I too am going to have an awesome tub when I get my dream house!

  4. I'm jealous of this! How stinkin fun.


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