Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a sneak peak into the 2nd room ;-)

so life has been crazy lately
remember when i used to blog
and now i don't

but don't worry
i still love you little blog
but i am loving my job so much more

seriously i am loving every minute of my internship and i want to cry thinking that it has to end soon (well in 4 weeks)

our new place is coming along
saturday i finished organizing our second room/my craft room ;-)

now i know it still needs work...but check out those great shelves that the mr. installed for all my crafting know the sewing machine and silhouette 

you can see we have a lot of "stuff". 
yeah we're working on that
oh and this is from the bedroom. 
remember my necklace holder...
well it finally has a home where it can stay (and won't take off the paint because we can actually hook it to the wall properly)
and i love my little shelf, yet another mr. job. 

i just finished the family room curtians and am now working on the bedroom ones...
when those are done i'll post better pictures of the rest of the place

life is going well for the mr. and mrs.
we miss the blog but promise to be back more soon!

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  1. I want a craft room! Well, I don't really craft...LOL. My request is a library room!

    Very cute and love what you made!
    ~Romantic Savy


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