Saturday, February 26, 2011

the mrs is catching up

so once the mr. and i headed to st george for presidents day weekend
just like everybody else from up north

we went looking for warmth and sun
but were welcomed with rain and snow

but thats okay because we still had a blast.

spence's sister and husband came down with us and brought cute little mya
we spent the weekend...
hot tubbing,
playing games,
reading books,
and just hanging out

it was a nice break from the normal

sadly i didn't take a ton of pictures
surprising i know but i was just so relaxed i forgot about pictures

but i got a few right before we left

here is a glimpse of our great st george house. thanks parents for buying this great place! we love love love it

 mom loved having cute baby mya to play with.
she was so giggly and smiley the last day
my favorite was when she would cuddle with her teddy bear and talk to it, so stinkin cute
 so here is our pool, which was heated to 90 degress (perfect for the rainy and snowy nights)
 so this was the day after the snow storm but you  can still see how beautiful the snow looks against the red rock mountains
 the kitchen....which i am in love with. i should have taken a picture of the sick because it is my dream sick, yes i think about things like this sometimes ;-)

monday we stopped for lunch downtown saint george at the cutest little place
spence called it a chick place but...
he was impreseed with the food

all i know is that i want another one of those cupcakes.

 just the mr. and i at lunch. i sure love this boy
oh cute mya bug, who couldn't love this little bubble of fun

and of course the st george temple. we had fun just walking around the temple

i would have to say that the drive home was my favorite. 
the mr. and i just chatted and laughed the whole way.

we decided that before we got home we needed to find at least one boy name that we can both agree on (so we have about 5 girls names but no boy names)

you know, just so we have an idea when we have a kid

well after a lot of back and forth we finally have 2 names we both kind of  like
yeah it's hard ;-)

but really thanks to my best friend for making the weekend so much fun!

i love st george so so so much

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