Sunday, February 27, 2011

the mrs. threw a bridal shower!

yay for friends getting married! 
lisa from jeru is getting married to pedro (not is real name but what he will forever be known as thanks to bod)

yesterday we had a fun bridal shower for lisa

at bods place
which made me happy, i miss living close to my bestie

of course i had a late start (getting ready always takes longer than I plan for)
and i couldn't see on my way down to p-town (thanks to the lack of washer fluid)
and i pulled up right at 11 (when the shower was supposed to start)

but thanks to some quick put together from bod, rav and i we had the place ready

but wait....we forgot about the food
so a half hour after the shower started i rushed to smiths and picked up what i could
bod and i hurried and put things on plates and made it look the best we could

i think we did pretty good for putting a shower together in like 10 minutes.

next time we'll be more prepared. 

but none the less we had a blast seeing all our jeru friends again,
meeting some of lisa's cute friends
laughing, playing games, and getting to know lisa's cute fiance better.

i'm so excited for you lisa!!!
 the kitchen area, i was going for a blue and green theme because i love those two colors, exciting story i know
 i woke up early to make these super cute lanterns with my silhouette....but i forgot to get string to hang them so we attempted using  tulle which as you can see didn't turn out as expected...oh well!
 the wonderful food! considering we had little to work with and no time i think it turned out great
 lisa opening bods and mine present. of course we gave her cleaning supplies because who doesn't love cleaning supplies, and yet again i went with blue and green things. the target lady may have said i was the cutest little thing as i checked out with all my matching cleaning supplies ;-)
heather, lisa, me, e-ran, bethany, and bod
the jeru girls who were there till the end. 
we had a few more but they have to leave before i remembered to take a picture...whoops

it was fun to be with the girls and celebrate lisa! and of course talk about jerusalem because that's what happens when you get us together.

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