Monday, February 28, 2011

just some things that make the mrs. happy

so things that make me happy....

1. i bought a book from amazon for .01 (yep one penny) and yes i paid for shipping but the good news, i got the book. everybody told me it was a scam, but golly gees i got a book for a penny!
2. i love all the free food and sweets at the capitol. but don't worry i am running around all the time so i won't get fat
3. speaking of free food, have you heard of candwich? basically it's a sandwich in a can, and supposedly it will last  for a year. the mr. and i are keeping ours and will try it in a year...we'll give an update on taste! 
4. going to lunch (to our apartment) with spence. we had a blast and made super yummy paninis
5. finding a missing paper after searching forever in the recycling bin
6. the new layout of my family room, yep after only 6 weeks i was ready for a change so the mr. and i rearranged. how fun
7. new fun design blogs and diy crafting blogs
8. going out to eat at cafe rio (yum)
9. everything working out with classes and graduation.
10. the mr. sitting next to me playing on his ipad. yeah we deserve to relax after a long day at work

yeah life is pretty great right about now!


  1. I love posts like this. Finding joy in the little things keeps life the way it should be. You want to come rearrange my living room?

  2. so what are the fun blogs? let me know. love you more than most!


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